FlyCat 260 V1 FPV Racer Frame Kit




FlyCat 260 V1 FPV Racer Frame

The FlyCat is compact and functional design features proper electronics positioning to minimize mutual EMI / RF interference and optimize FPV gear performance, while also protecting all vital components by the airframe armor. Yet, all components remain easy to access! It supports both 5″ and 6″ propellers easily.

Its unique shape aids in orientation and makes it a very good LOS flying trainer as well as being an ultimate FPV racer which is easy to spot on the track.

The FlyCat 260 V1 is designed suitable for all hobbyist from beginners whom intend to only fly LOS to the most seasoned FPV racers that values speed and durability for high speed FPV action!
-FPV Racing Quad with innovative, compact and functional design composed of high quality materials
-Body frame: 3K full carbon fiber
-Arms: 3mm 3K Twill matte carbon fiber
-265mm Motor-to-Motor, supporting both 5″ and 6″ propellers
-Aerodynamic airframe profile, providing greater forward flight speed
-Great airframe orientation properties making it easy to orientate
-Protection of all vital electrical components including battery
-Light weight and rigid (192g assembled weight)
-Capable of 3-4S power trains

-Wheel base :260mm
-Materials: 3K Pure carbon fiber
-Flying weight: 410-430g
-Weight : 187g


Package included:

– 1 x FlyCat 260 Frame
– 1 x Canopy
– 1 x Naze32 6dof flight control
– 4 x iPower MT2204 2300KV
– 4 x iPeaka BLheli 12A ESC
– 2 x pairs x 5inch Prop

Canopy(Black, white, pink, green, yellow ,orange, transparent and camouflage for choice)

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