eX250 Sport FPV Racing ARF Quadcopter




  • eX250 Sport FPV Racing Quadcopter
    Key Features
    – Pre-Assembled in (ARF) Almost Ready to Fly- Multi-layer carbon fiber airframe keeps things light while providing the strength racers demand and allowing quick change of components- Integrated electronics all combined on a PCB with a modular design (CC3D, OSD, & PMU with ESC’s on a seperate quick change module)

    – The battery position is right on the CG creating balanced and precise flight characteristics in all flight orientations

    – Nuts and washers have been replaced by inserts keeping parts count low and making maintenance or repairs simple

    – Adjustable camera angles

    – Super fast response

  • Specifications– High efficiency 20 amp ESC specially designed for FPV racing and matched perfectly to perform with the high performance iPower motors

    – iPower MT2204-2300 KV (CW & CCW) competition grade brushless motors with high performance stators and magnets create amazing power and efficiency to meet the demands of todays FPV racer

    -TVL HD video camera with 5.8G 32ch video transmitter provide you with a clear image and reliable link to your FPV goggles or monitor

    – Adjustable camera mount makes changing the view angle easy so you can quickly tune the machine to your flying style or environment

    – Battery tray accomodates many common sizes: 3s 1300-2200 and 4s 1050-1800


    Package included:

  • eX250 frame
  • PCB with CC3D,OSD & PMU integrated board
  • 4 x BL20 amp ESC’s on secondary PCB
  • 4 x iPower MT2204-2300 KV Brushless Motors
  • 800 TVL HD camera on adjustable mount
  • 600mw 5.8G 32ch Video Transmitter with Antenna
    Not included:-Battery: 3S~4S 1300mah~2600mah 20C~35C and 8x AA batteries for the transmitter-Radion controller set(recommend AT9)

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Weight 1.6 kg


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