SteadyGo3 GoPro HERO 3,4 Aerial Stabilizer




New SteadyGo 3-Axis High Torque Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3/4



Fly with your new GoPro Hero4 Black camera by using this high-performance 3-axis gimbal. Giving your camera perfect stability in the air, no matter how you fly, this gimbal is based on IFLIGHT SteadyGo3 standard camera stabilization technology. Easy to use and setup, you can start flying today.





  • 3 Axis Stabilization
  • High Torque Motors for Aggressive Flight
  • Wide rotation Angles (see specs below)
  • Smooth Follow Modes
  • Anti-Vibration Tuned Dampening System
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Lightweight and Durable for long term performance



Input Power: 3S to 6S LiPo (10.5V – 26V)

Operating Current: 110mA Static to 400mA Dynamic

GoPro Charge Voltage: 4.65V

GoPro Charge Current: 500MA

Pitch Axis Mechanical Range: -130° to +185°

Roll Axis Mechanical Range: -105° to +105°

Yaw Axis Mechanical Range: -160° to +160°

Pitch Control Range: -105° to +105°

Roll Control Range: -25° to +25°

Yaw Control Range: -140° to +140°

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 45℃

Weight: 200g (no camera)

Gimbal Dimensions (With Damping Unit):97mm X 95mm X 73mm

Performance Accuracy

Tilt/Roll: ±0.01° Yaw: ±0.05°
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed:Tilt axis: ±135°/s
Controlled Rotation Range:Tilt axis control: – 130 ~ +45°


Package Includes:

  • 1 SteadyGo3 Gimbal
  • Dampening Mount
  • (5) Rubber Dampeners Red (Soft)
  • (5) Rubber Dampeners Black (Standard)
  • (2) 12mm Rail Mount Adapters
  • (1) Camera Clip
  • (1) Pack of Thumb Screws
  • (1) GoPro FPV Cable (for Video and Supplemental Power)
  • FPV AV Output Cable
  • USB Cable for FW updates
  • JST Power Cable


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


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