SteadyFone3 Smartphone Stabilizer




SteadyFone3 Smartphone 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilization



SteadyFone3 is  the best Handheld Cell Phone Gimbal Stabilizer on the market. This is a must have for getting very smooth footage using a smart phone. Smart phones are getting better and better with video quality, supplement that with our handheld gimbal stabilizer and you will get amazing footage!!


– Hidden wires routed through gimbal frame
– 3-7 hours of extended battery life
– Lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use
– Non-GUI interface; plug-and-play ready
– Electronic slow-down for “follow” mode on both Yaw and Pitch axes.
– Equipped with four rechargeable batteries and one battery charger. Each battery type is 18350, and rated 3.7 volts @900mAh.
– Adjustable clip that fits most Smartphones in the market.
– Supports Remote Control
– Supports extended battery types to work for longer periods
– High torque motors for better gripping power.
– No judder or jerking in 360-degree rotation.



– Heading Following Mode – Pitch and roll locking, smooth heading rotation that follows the direction of the gimbal handle.
– Heading and Pitch Following Mode – Roll locking , smooth heading and pitch rotation that follows the direction of the gimbal handle.
– Locking Mode – Heading, pitch, and roll locking.




SteadyFone3 Smartphone 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilization

Package Included:

– SteadyFone3 Smartphone stabilizer
– USB Updater
– 18350 battery Charger
– 2 x 18350 Rechargeable 3.7v batteries (900mAh each cell) 
– Bluetooth remote shutter
– Upgrade balance part and sponge included for larger Samrtphones.

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