iPower iBM5206Q 370KV




This motor is part of our multicopter motor product range. The large diameter and low KV rating allows this motor to output high torque at relatively low currents.  This lets

you use larger propellers that are much more efficient (lower RPM for same thrust).  The large diameter of this brushless motor also means that this motor will react faster

than typical motors which allows your multicopter to be more stable and respond faster.  This is the motor you need if you want to have the maximum possible flight time on

your multi rotor.

iPower iBM5206Q 370KV w/45cm long cable

iPower Q-series brushless motors are designed specifically for use in multi rotor aircraft. iPower motors are constructed of quality components, making them a smooth, powerful, and efficient motor for your multicopter application. The iBM-Q series motor features 450mm long motor wires and 3.5mm male gold bullet connectors pre-installed. Also included is an accessory package with mount plate, bolt-on style prop adapter, and a set of female 3.5mm gold bullet connectors for your ESC.

iPower iBM5206Q 370KV w/45cm long cable


Kv: 370rpm

Can size: 63mmx24mm

Shaft: 5.0mm (includes prop adapter for 5mm prop mounting)

Motor Mount Holes: 19mm / 25mm

Suggested ESC: 35A

Rated Watts: 450W

Weight: 140g

Cell count: 3~6S Lipoly

Motor wire length: 450mm

Package included:


– iBM5206Q 370KV x 1

– Prop adaptor x 1

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