iPower iBM3508Q 620KV




iPower iBM3508Q 620KV w/45cm long cable
iPower Q-series brushless motors are designed specifically for use in multi rotor aircraft. iPower motors are constructed of quality components, making them a smooth, powerful, and efficient motor for your multicopter application. The iBM-Q series motor features 450mm long motor wires and 3.5mm male gold bullet connectors pre-installed. Also included is an accessory package with mount plate, bolt-on style prop adapter, and a set of female 3.5mm gold bullet connectors for your ESC.
iPower iBM3508Q 620KV w/45cm long cable
Kv: 620rpm
Can size: 45mm
Shaft: 4.0mm (includes prop adapter for 5mm prop mounting)
Motor Mount Holes: 16mm / 19mm
Suggested ESC: 30A
Rated Watts: 180W
Weight: 79g
Cell count: 3~4S Lipoly

Motor wire length: 450mm

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