Bundle 4 x iPower MT2212 850KV for Multirotor + 4 x ESC


4 x iPower MT2212 850KV for Multirotor

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4 x iPeaka SK22A w/SimonK firmware

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 iPower MT2212 850KV
 Each motor features:
-EZO Japanese bearing
-0.2mm silicon steel sheets
-Dynamic balance
-180 degree magnets
Technical Details for iPower MT2212 850KV
•KV: 850
•Internal Resistance: 127mΩ
•No-Load Current: .5A
•Max Current: 13.50A
•Continuous Current: 10.8A
•Max Watts: 158W
•Lipo Cells: 2-4s
•Weight: 65g (with hardware)
•Dimensions: 28x26mm
•Shaft Diameter: No protruding shaft
•Recommended Prop: 10×4.5 / 10×4.5R
•Recommended ESC: 22A
 iPower MT2212 850KV
Each motor features:
-EZO Japanese bearing
-0.2mm silicon steel sheets
-Dynamic balance
-180 degree magnets
iPeaka SK22A w/SimonK firmware
If you are looking for a reliable, fast esc for your multicopter, look no further.Flashed with the famous SimonK firmware for super fast linear throttle response.All our ESC`s have external oscillators and use only N-Channel FETs.The external oscillator provides more consistent timing signal and steadier motor speeds, while the N-channel FETs have the advantage of lower resistance, less losses and hence more efficiency.Up to 450hz input rate is supported with immediate translation of input PWM duty into motor control.The boot loader is enabled during the initial flash, so each firmware update from now on can be achieved by a USB linker.All ESC`s are tested before and after the firmware update.

Please note:These esc`s DO NOT monitor the battery voltage. A Lipo alarm or a telemetry system should be used for that purpose.

iPeaka SK22A w/SimonK firmware

Features of the iPeaka SK series Speed Controllers include:

• Extremely low output resistance for efficient operation

• 3-stage protection: Low Voltage Cutoff, Over-Heat Protection & Signal Loss

• 3 Start Modes available: Normal, Soft and Very Soft

• Adjustable Throttle Endpoints to match virtually all transmitter models

• Smooth linear throttle operation for precise control

• High RPM capability: 210,000 (2-pole), 70,000 (6-pole), 30,000 (14 pole)

Specifications of the iPeaka SK 22 Amp Speed Controller:

Input Voltage ………………… 6-18.8 VDC, 2-4 Li-Po cells

Input  rate range…………….  50-400Hz

Output Current ………………. 22 Amps Continous, 26 Amps Burst (10 Sec.)

BEC Output …………………. 5.0 Volts at 2 Amps

Dimensions …………………… 35 x 24 x 8 mm

Weight …………………………. 25g

Package included:

  • 4 x iPeaka SK 22A ESC
  • 4 x iPower MT2212 850KV outrunner
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Cross Motor Mount
  • 4 x Four M3x6mm Motor Mount Screws
  • 4 x Bolt-On style theaded prop adapter with 4 screws


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