BetView 5D-GH3 Handheld Stabilizer

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iFlight BetView 5D Gimbal Full Upgrade Kit

Finding a good working, reliable 3-axis gimbal for the Canon 5D Mark III or a Lumix GH3/4 can be quite a challenge. When looking to purchase a gimbal of this caliber the cost of these types of gimbals usually prevents a potential owner from the old “try them all, keep the good one” method like one might do with a GoPro sized gimbal. Fortunately, in this case, iFlight sent me one to review so hopefully I can save you some money and time.

The “Full Upgrade” version of the iFlight BetView 5D/GH3 gimbal is a whole new beast compared to it’s predecessor. iFlight have lightened the gimbal, added a huge pan motor with a slip-ring and generally made what was considered a good gimbal into a true winner with this new version! In the past few months I have been able to put the iFlight BetView 5D/Gh3 gimbal through it’s paces and I am very pleased to let everyone know that the iFlight 5D/GH3 full upgrade gimbal works very well! It’s able ot shoot in one-man operation in “Follow me” mode or even heading lock or what I love to use it as a two-man operation where this gimbal really excels! The iFlight BetView full upgrade 3-axis gimbal handled everything I threw at it and will be come one of my work horse gimbals!

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This is the full upgrade kit from iFlight BetView 5D-GH3,the full upgrade kit features as follows:

*Clean design eliminating clutter from wires
*Lighter in weight(2.5kgs in full package)
*Pan motor:GBM8017-120T(Hollow shaft)
*W/damping balls
*Roll motor:GBM5208H-180T(Hollow shaft)
*Tilt motor:GBM5208H-180T(Hollow shaft)
*Aluminum Portable Case

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BetView Gimbal for 5D Series( Mark Ⅱand Ⅲ)GH3

-Total Weight:1360g
-24mm lens compatible
-5D MarkⅡ and Ⅲ compatible
-GH3 compatible
-Pan 360°
-Tilt 300°
-Roll ±50°

The iFlight BetView 5D2-GH3 Specifications

-Weight: Approx.950 grams
-Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 450 x 320 x 200mm
-Startup time:Approx. 5 seconds
-Runtime: Approx. 2 hours/battery

Carrying Capacity

-Maximum Camera Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 180 x 200 x 200 mm
-Camera Weight: Up to 1600g

Battery Specs

-Cell counts:2-4S
-Dimensions (W x L x H)Approx. 32 x 30 x 95mm
-Balance tap:JST-XH


-Materials:High Strength Aluminum Parts Construction
-Adjustable Axis:Fully adjustable in all 3 axis to achieve perfect balance
-Firmware: AlexMos 3-axis BGC
-Motors: iPower GBM5208H-180T and GBM8017-120T w/Slipring

Package included:


– 1 x BetView 5D-GH3 handheld stabilizer gimbal

– Britain made shutter

– Camera screws

– Handheld Kit

– Silver handcase

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Weight 3 kg
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